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Adams Timpani

Driven by passion and refined by experience. With a history of fifty years as timpani makers, Adams is the world leader in timpani design and innovation. Available in 12 unique models ranging from timeless and vintage to modern design.

Schnellar We build three magnificent timpani in the tradition of Hans Schnellar: the Amsterdam, Classical, and Romantic models.
German Classic The German Classic is a modern timpani with a characteristic Berlin sound. Developed in close collaboration with Raymond Curfs.
Dresden Vintage Our Dresden Vintage timpani are the most accurate replicas of the original Dresden timpani from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Philharmonic Classic The Philharmonic Classic is an all-round timpani that combines openness and focus very effectively.
Philharmonic Light The Philharmonic Light have a wide-open sound and feature the original Ratchet-Free Pedal System, to pinpoint any pitch without restriction.
Baroque Adams Baroque timpani are designed in the tradition of the 18th century with the right balance of traditional perfection and 21st-century technology.
Professional Gen II The Professional GEN II stands as the most widely utilized timpani globally, setting the benchmark for Balanced Action timpani.
Symphonic Gen II For players preferring the European Block pedal system, this is the best sounding timpani on the market.
Revolution The Revolution timpani combine innovative design and truly professional sound quality, featuring a removable base for effortless portability.
Universal Adams Universal timpani are designed for all concert and education uses. Often imitated, never duplicated.