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Adams Revolution Timpani

Adams Revolution Timpani have a number of patented developments that combine truly professional performance sound quality with an innovative balanced action pedal system, height adjustment system, wide range hand fine-tuner, and a removable, folding base for true portability.

For the first time since the introduction of the popular Balance Action pedal system, calf heads can be used on a timpani with this system. An octave can be achieved from each drum with the range tuner. There has never been a more practical, portable, high-quality instrument.

Features Revolution

Optimal Portability
Patented Un-coupling and Frame Folding Systems make Revolution Timpani the most practical, portable, high-quality timpani ever created. With one simple click, the kettle can be removed. If the drum is fitted with a fine-tuner option, it is possible to play the timpani without the pedal mechanism, which is ideal for Baroque music when calf heads are fitted. After placing the kettle back on the frame again, it is locked by pushing the pedal down. The base itself folds and locks, and can be carried easily by hand using the built-in handle.

Patented Tension Mechanism
Adams has developed a system that automatically spreads the tension of the head over all the tuning screws. This means your timpani head is always equally in balance giving you a perfect and even tone. Now replacing or tuning a timpani head couldn't be simpler!

Fine Tuner
The fine tuner allows optimum usage of an extremely wide pitch range of greater than 1 octave (per timpani) with the pedal mechanism attached. Without the pedal attached, the range of the fine tuner is a fifth. This inventive fine tuner makes the Revolution Timpani truly unique.

Height Adjustment
The height of the Adams Revolution Timpani is adjustable from 84cm to 94cm. To adjust the height of the Timpani you must unscrew the screw on the right side of the undercarriage two turns (with the included screwdriver only). Once the screw is loosened, you can adjust the height by turning the kettle round. Ideal for younger musicians and for stage leveling.

Configurations Revolution

Hammered Copper

20” - 2PARFKH20
23” - 2PARFKH23
26” - 2PARFKH26
29” - 2PARFKH29
32” - 2PARFKH32

Smooth Copper

20” - 2PARFKG20
23” - 2PARFKG23
26” - 2PARFKG26
29” - 2PARFKG29
32” - 2PARFKG32


20” - 2PARFFI20
23” - 2PARFFI23
26” - 2PARFFI26
29” - 2PARFFI29
32” - 2PARFFI32

This is no ordinary timpani. This is the most innovative timpani ever.


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