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Adams Concert Bassdrums

At home on every stage, the Adams Concert Bass Drums mark the rhythm and play an important tonal role in both tutti and solo passages. Easy to tune and  balance with other bass instruments, Bass Drums also define character in many contemporary multi-percussion pieces. The stands are height adjustable and 360 degrees tilting.

Free Suspended Gen II Series Adams Bass Drums produce a deep, solid resounding bass tone that only Mahogany can provide. From the 28”x18” to the 40”x22”, each drum is h...
Universal Series Gen II Engineered for a wide range of playing situations, an Adams Concert Bass Drum can power any genre of music. Whether it’s a multi-percussion setup,...
Vintage Serie The Vintage Bass Drumson a classic tube frame design with a number of modern refinements. are available in four sizes of Adams Mahogany Bass Drums