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Bassoon overhaul and repair

Due to the corona pandemic all instruments that are brought in for a repair or service check-up, will be put in a four day quarantine before they are treated/fixed. Do you have questions regarding repair/maintenance of your instrument? Please contact us via our contact page.

Bassoon Overhaul

At Adams Music Centre we also overhaul and repair bassoons. Overhauling includes among other things replacing the leather pads, cleaning the instrument and lubricating all joints to make it play smoothly once again.

Bassoon Repair

Is the mechanism broken or do the keys not function as they should? Please bring your instrument to us and we will see what we can do for you.

Silver Plating

It is possible to silver plate the mechnism and keys of your bassoon. Especially when you see a lot of wear. We do this in silver and in matte silver.


To better support your instrument Adams has created a special bassoon playing stand to stabilize and support the instrument during playing.

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