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Adams Universal Timpani

Adams Universal Series Timpani were designed to meet the demand for an extremely high quality, yet highly portable instrument, priced well within reach of today's performing professionals. Their parabolic shaped bowl, available in either copper or fiberglass, rests inside an aluminum shelf, greatly contributing to the instrument's stability, outstanding tonal quality and excellent resonance.

Features Universal timpani

European Style block pedal system
European Style block pedal system, also known as clutch and post, allows for smooth, precise pedal action regardless of head tension. The locking pedal action secures each pitch in place.

Adjustable & Retractable Supporting Legs
For maximum portability, our Universal Timpani feature multi-adjustable supporting legs that retract completely into the bowl, allowing a set of Timpani to comfortably fit in an average car for transport. The rear leg of the tripod features a locking wheel for easy stage positioning.

Optional finetuner
Optional player’s side fine tuner is available for the most precise pitch adjustment. Note: The Universal Professional fine tuner must be installed at the time of manufacture and is not available as an add-on accessory.

Configurations Universal

Hammered Copper

20" - 2PAUNKH20
23" - 2PAUNKH23
26" - 2PAUNKH26
29" - 2PAUNKH29
32" - 2PAUNKH32

With finetuner
20" - 2PAUFKH20
23" - 2PAUFKH23
26" - 2PAUFKH26
29" - 2PAUFKH29
32" - 2PAUFKH32

Smooth Copper

20" - 2PAUNKG20
23" - 2PAUNKG23
26" - 2PAUNKG26
29" - 2PAUNKG29
32" - 2PAUNIKG32

With finetuner
20" - 2PAUFKG20
23" - 2PAUFKG23
26" - 2PAUFKG26
29" - 2PAUFKG29
32" - 2PAUFIKG32


20" - 2PAUNFI20
23" - 2PAUNFI23
26" - 2PAUNFI26
29" - 2PAUNFI29
32" - 2PAUNFI32

With finetuner
20" - 2PAUFFI20
23" - 2PAUFFI23
26" - 2PAUFFI26
29" - 2PAUFFI29
32" - 2PAUFFI32

German Set-up
Drums arranged from left to right: 20"-23"-26"-29"-32"

American Set-up
Drums arranged from left to right: 32"-29"-26"-23"-20"

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