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Adams Baroque Timpani

Adams Baroque Timpani are designed with the perfect balance of the tradition of the 18th century balanced with the 21st century technology. 

A combination of the finest Kalfo heads along with a specially produced hammered copper timpani bowl enables a perfect match of articulation and vintage character needed for an authentic baroque timpani sound.

Baroque Series Timpani feature special stain lacquered bowls, raw formed steel counter rims, and brass lug appointments that create a striking look that is both up-to-date and timeless. Large thread tuning screws and swivel nut style lug casings allow for easy and fast tuning. Baroque Timpani have a very clear and bright sound throughout the range that enables precise articulation.


Kettle: 1.2mm hammered copper
Kettle sizes: 23"-26"
Stand: Fold flat wooden legs for easy transportation
Struts: 6x baroque style lugs
Counterhoop: Steel, antique finish
Tuning: Optional central tuning system
Finish: Dark lacquered
Heads: Super Kalfo 
Extra: Felt mute

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