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Adams Philharmonic Light Timpani

The Philharmonic Light’s Ratchet-Free Pedal System has no intermeshing teeth, allowing the player to pinpoint any pitch without restriction. It makes the timpani accessible to a wide range of timpani players, extremely suitable for conservatories or for music in which a lot of (quick) tuning is required.

Numerous advancements established the Philharmonic Light as the benchmark for innovation in timpani manufacture—the original, adjustable split rocker arm, the adjustable length transfer bar, foot and tilting stabilizers, adjustable foot pedal resistance, and a tuning gauge positionable to the player’s exact viewing angle. 

The combination of an aluminum base, with extra long bronze strits and a steel suspension ring, provide the typical wide, open sound of the Philharmonic Light. 


Every Philharmonic Light bowl is made of the highest quality select copper and is drawn from one single piece without seams or soldering. Every detail of these superior bowls, from the shape of the lip, to the taper and depth, has been developed through years of research in conjunction with timpani virtuosos from around the world.

The shape of the bowl, combined with the construction and design of the Philharmonic Light frame, produces a drum that will not distort or go sharp as the player increases volume and power. From a soft whisper to the loudest end of the dynamic spectrum, Adams Philharmonic Light Timpani project beautifully and are virtually impossible to overplay.


Kettle: 1.2mm and 1.5mm hammered copper
Kettle sizes: 20"-21"-23"-25"-26"-28"-29"-30"-32"
Base: Aluminum
Struts: 8x in bronze, extra long
Suspension ring: Steel, beeded profile
Counterhoop: Steel, powder coated
Pedal: Clutch mechanism in Dresden style or Berlin style
Tuning: T-handle Fine Tuner on player side and all-metal tuning gauges
Finish: Powder coated *
Heads: Super Kalfo or Remo Renaissance
Extra: Padded wooden head Cover, Drop Cover, Tuning key and felt mute
Optional: Flight cases

* Marinus Komst edition with clear lacquered bronze struts

German Set-up
Drums arranged from left to right: 20"-23"-26"-29"-32"

American Set-up
Drums arranged from left to right: 32"-29"-26"-23"-20"

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