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Clarinet overhaul and repair

Clarinet Overhaul

You can contact Adams Music Centre for the overhaul of your clarinet. An overhaul includes new pads and various other things. You can choose from the following pads: fleece, Gore-Tex, cork, leather, Straubinger or Kangaroo Pads. Each type of pad has its qualities and differences in price. During overhaul, your instrument is polished and lubricated to make it run smoothly again.

Clarinet Repair

At our repair department we can carry out the following repairs on your clarinet:

  • Renovate the cork joints
  • Shorten the tenon
  • Repair cracks using graphite joints

Gold Plating

It is possible to have the keys of your clarinet plated in gold at the Adams Music Centre.

Silver Plating

It is possible to silver plate the mechanism and keys of your clarinet when this shows wear. We have two options silver and matte silver.