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Adams Flugelhorns

Model Overview

F1 The F1 is a light flugelhorn that speaks very easily. The instrument has an open, warm sound without becoming "woolly."
F2 The F2 is a heavy flugelhorn with a solid core. The instrument has a full, warm sound without losing openness.
F2-LT The F2-LT is a brass band flugelhorn developed with Helen Williams (Cory Band). The instrument has a solid core and a rich sound spectrum.
F3 The F3 is a dark flugelhorn with a "velvety, chocolate-like" sound. The instrument speaks easily and has a mobile tone.
F4 The F4 flugelhorn is equipped with a 4th valve. The instrument is perfect for the low register and has a "fat" sound from high to low.
F5 The F5 is a characteristic flugelhorn built in French tradition. The instrument has an all-copper bell and straight-through valves.
Sonic The Sonic bugle is a wonderful flugel for the musician looking for a professional flugel at a competitive price.