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Adams Euphoniums

Discover our euphoniums, setting the new standard in the market. Handcrafted in our own workshop and renowned for exceptional intonation. With a wide range of standard models, there's an Adams euphonium for every musician. For more specific preferences, we offer custom options that no one else provides. As an independent brand, we continue to innovate without compromise, so that you benefit from every advancement.

E1 The E1 is a free blowing euphonium. The expressive instrument has a clear, open sound and a wide spectrum of tone colour possibilities
E2 The E2 is a real powerhouse. This wide built euphonium is made of heavier material and has a full, warm, and focused tone with a lot of core.
E2-LT The E2-LT euphonium has a heavier body with a lighter bell and combines a rich, full bodied sound with flexibility and clarity.
E3 The E3 is the darkest euphonium in the Adams range. The instrument gives a bit more control and the sound has a wide sonic character.
Sonic The Sonic is a fully professional euphonium at an excellent price point. It is a non-compensating instrument available in silver plate only.