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Trumpet overhaul and repair

Trumpet Overhaul

At Adams Music Centre you can overhaul your trumpet, we specify three categories of overhauling:

  1. Internal cleaning, oil valves / cylinders and greasing pumps.
  2. Internal cleaning, oil valves / cylinders and greasing pumps. Make valves, cylinders and pumps standard.
  3. Internal cleaning, oil valves / cylinders and greasing pumps. Make valves, cylinders and pumps standard. Remove play from cylinders, new springs, felts and corks.

Trumpet Repair

In addition to revising the trumpet, we also carry out repairs. Dent removal in bells happens here daily. Have you dropped or bumped your trumpet?

Please visit us with your trumpet and we will have it repaired.

Trumpet Lacquering

Do you have a lot of scratches on your trumpet and do you want to lacquer them? This is of course also possible with us. Please note, for the lacquering of the trumpet, the instrument must be undented In case we have to fix this, we have to calculate a surcharge for these actions. For lacquering your instrument you can choose from: high-gloss lacquer (colorless), a matt lacquer, gold lacquer, vintage look lacquer (antique lacquer), for other colors or special requests please contact us.

Silver plating your trumpet

The same conditions apply to silver plating as for lacquering your trumpet. In addition to 'normal' silver plating, you can also opt for matt silver plating of the instrument.

Mouthpiece adjustments

In addition to silver plating and lacquering your instrument, you can also have your mouthpieces silver- or gold plated. Contact us about the costs and possibilities. We can also make a plastic rim on the mouthpiece or a screw-on rim.

Valve reconstruction and valve alignment

Valve reconstruction makes your valve cylindrical in shape and fits perfectly in the valve housing so that your valve runs smoothly. The valves are then nickel-plated. You can also choose valve alignment, valve alignment ensures that the passages in the valve connect seamlessly to the valve pumps. This results in better control of the instrument.

Supports and stands

If you need extra support while playing your trumpet, you can request us to develop a personalized support to promote your playing pleasure.


For your trumpet we can also make the following adjustments to your instrument:

  • Shorten main tuning pump
  • Install additional water valve
  • Install additional valve (on request)
  • Conversion from right-handed to left-handed (on request)
  • Make trumpet bell and mouthpiece tube interchangeable (including connectors, excluding silver plating or lacquer)

Modification technique

In tradition with innovation, development and improvement, the Adams Research Department discovered a revolutionary process to give brass wind instruments an absolute added value: the instrument modification or treatment.

In the manufacture of copper instruments, stresses arise from forcing, bending and soldering. The alloy of the instrument is constantly under stress during this production process. The instrument modification aims to release these stresses. One treatment is enough to maintain lasting results for the entire life of the instrument.

The technique can be applied to all metal-alloy instruments, all alto saxophones, soprano saxophones, tenor saxophones and baritone saxophones. Furthermore, the same technique can be applied to the necks of the saxophones.

The advantages:

  • playing comfort increases thanks to easier 'addressing'
  • the start is more direct, cleaner and more accurate
  • the entire tone, especially in the high register, becomes richer, fuller and continues to sound 'open'