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Serial numbers - Jupiter

Jupiter is a subsidiary of KHS /Musix of Taiwan. They market Medici, Advantage, Altus, among other product lines. The company has factories in Taiwan, Japan, and P.R. China. The age of Jupiter instruments may be determined by adding one to the first digit of the serial number. The resulting number then would represent the year after 1984 that the instrument was manufactured. For example, if the serial number began with a number "4" you would then add "1" to this number and know that the instrument was manufactured in 1985. If the first number was a "0", would indicate that the instrument was manufactured in 1991. The problem with this system is that Jupiter has been manufacturing instruments for over a decade. As a result, it is not possible to tell if an instrument having the first number "4" was manufactured in 1985 or 1995. Jupiter marketed instruments in countries other than the U.S. prior to 1985, so there can be no real certainty that a Jupiter is not a vintage 1984 or 1985, though it is unlikely.

All Jupiter instruments are manufactured outside the U.S. but those marketed here is this country are first play-tested before being distributed. A parts catalog is currently available free of charge from Jupiter. They are eager to sell parts directly to the repair technician.

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