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Serial numbers - Monzani & Co.

Serial Number Year Manufactured
1-102 1810
103-500 1811
501-1000 1814
1001-1500 1817
1501-2000 1821
2001-2500 1825
2501-2900 1829

Tebaldo Monzani began his workshop in London with the experience of having been a professional flute-player. He also composed and published music (Monzani & Cimador) and probably made his first flute circa 1801. Monzani is credited with putting serial numbers on his instruments before anyone else thought to do so. Monzani retired and was succeeded by Hill in 1829. Monzani was quite prolific and many of his flutes are favored even today by Irish and Baroque flute players for their elegant workmanship.

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