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Oh! Percussion Ensemble

Oh! Percussion Ensemble is a professional percussion ensemble formed in 2015 by Oh Seung-Myeong, a principal percussionist of Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra and other Jeju’s professional musicians.

The ensemble held its fourth regular concert and has been taking the lead in helping Jeju people enjoy culture and arts by giving performences at Bakkeori Concert of Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival from 2017 to 2019 and giving special lectures at Jeju Youngji School through making a business agreement with Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum in 2018. In 2020, the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Jeju invited the percussion team for Tamna Cultural Festival. Oh! Percussion Ensemble has been actively communicating with the audience with a wide and diverse repertoire that is not limited to genres by maximizing the unique sound that can only be expressed with percussion.

Oh! Percussion Ensemble has been chosen for Jeju Federation for Arts & Culture’s international cultural exchange project and assistance to the artist-in-residence programme in 2020 along with the federation’s performance planning competition and business to support artists in 2021 and this has given the ensemble the chance to prepare programs to show the public diverse and refreshing attractions of percussion instruments. Oh! Percussion Ensemble members believe that these efforts they have been making will lead to expand the percussion base and getting closer to the public through introducing Korean music and culture and Jeju’s authentic appeals with their universal yet unique percussion music. Oh! Percussion Ensemble will continue to work hard for the development and popularization of percussion music around the world.

Artistic leader: Seung Myeong Oh