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Adams Alpha Glockenspiel

The Alpha Glockenspiel epitomizes the perfect synthesis of past and present, inspired by vintage instruments from the 1920s and combined with modern craftsmanship. Featuring 1.25” rounded keys made of high-quality steel, the Alpha Glockenspiel emanates an unparalleled brilliant sound, bringing each note to life with unique charm.

Specifications Alpha Glockenspiel

Keyboard: High-Grade Steel Parsifal Bars
Bar width: 48 - 40 mm
Range: 3.3 octaves (C5 – E8)
Tuning: A = 442 Hz
Length: 120 cm
Low end: 55 cm
High End: 31 cm
Height: Adjustable 81-96.5 cm
Damper: Patent-pending reversible damper system with stacked accidentals
Frame: Adams Apex
Resonators: Nickel-plated steel
Rails & end pieces: French oak in Espresso
Accessories: Protective short cover, 1 pair mallets

The instrument is enhanced by the nickel-plated steel resonators, providing impressive projection that clearly distinguishes the Alpha Glockenspiel in ensembles of any size. The open rail system of the Adams Alpha Glockenspiel, along with the Apex frame system and the distinctive Alpha style, not only allows for foot-operated damping but also eliminates the "case sound" often produced by keys in a case.

The reversible damping system, patented for, enables the player to use the pedal as a vibraphone (pedal depressed to release damping) or in a reversed position (pedal depressed to dampen), depending on personal preference or playing convenience. Unique to this damping system is the mounting of the semitones raised, making the Adams Glockenspiel the most playable and practical instrument on the market.