Adams Musical Instruments - Together in Music

Schedule Sunday 24 April 2022

Room A
Haynes Flute Academy with Gareth McLearnon
Flute & Science: applied anatomy
Ergonomics young flute players
The Senior Flutist by Petra Music
Room B
Warm Up
Master Class door Kersten McCall
Breath and Balance by Niall O'Riordan
Concert hall
De Fluitwedstrijd
Happy Birthday Concert - Sir James Galway 80
Demo hall
Warm Up with Berdien Stenberg 16-
Workshop Techniek by Berdien Stenberg 16-
Flute Choir 16-
Lunchbreak Concert by Victor Khotulev, Olga Ivusheikova
Q & A with Sir James Galway
Flute Choir 40+
Room E
Master Class Ulla Miilmann
Master Class Ulla Miilmann
Master Class Anne-Catherine Heinzmann
Master Class Anne-Catherine Heinzmann
Room J
Master Class Niall O'Riordan 40+
Master Class Nicola Mazzanti
Room L
Master Class Anaïs Benoit
Master Class Anaïs Benoit
Master class
Warm up