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Zhe Lin

Zhe Lin demonstrates, with extraordinary sensitivity, that marimba is no longer an estranged instrument in the European concert halls, but rather a versatile keyboard instrument, which can be played in a variety of solo and ensemble settings.

She picked up her first pair of drumsticks at the tender age of five. She began to play piano with a strong interest when she was eight. Just four years later she received a scholarship, which enabled her to study at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music with Prof. Zhao. She played in various ensembles, including the China Youth Symphony Orchestra (Solo Timpani), the Youth National Chinese Wind Orchestra and the Beijing Jian Li Percussion Ensemble.

After achieving a High Distinction at her “A Level Exam” in music, the gifted percussionist began her education at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, Germany. There she studies with Prof. Marta Klimasara, Prof. Klaus Dreher, Prof. Harald Löhle and Jürgen Spitschka, as well as performing in Talking Drums Ensemble.

Zhe Lin gained international recognition in 2008 when she was awarded second prize at the 5th World Marimba Competition in Stuttgart, Germany. The marimba virtuoso displayed her technical brilliance and outstanding musical expression by receiving first prize at both the 2nd International Marimba Competition of China in 2010 and the 59th German Conservatories Competition in May 2011.

The young percussionist was performing with the Orchestra of the Stuttgart State Opera House in 2011-2012. Since end of 2012 Zhe Lin started to study her Master Degree at Anton Bruckner University with Prof. Leonhard Schmidinger and Prof. Bogdan Bacanu, which she completed in end of 2015. At that period, she won Yamaha Price in Austria

In recent years, zhe Lin shuttling between Europe, China and the U.K., giving concerts with Maestro such as TanDun, Christian Jost, Cho-Liang Lin, Zakhar Bron, Martin Grubinger, Natalia Gerakis and Ying Rong, to explore and pursuit the true meaning of the art, and will constantly present her artistic talent to the audience.

Zhe Lin is able to speak Chinese, German and English fluently. She can also speak complimentary French.