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Zhe Lin

Zhe Lin, with her exceptional sensitivity, redefines the marimba as a versatile keyboard instrument, seamlessly integrating it into European concert halls in various solo and ensemble settings. Her musical journey began at the age of five when she first grasped a pair of drumsticks. Showing a keen interest in the piano from the age of eight, Zhe Lin's passion for percussion led her to receive a scholarship at just twelve, allowing her to study under the guidance of Prof. Zhao at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music. She showcased her talent in multiple ensembles, including the China Youth Symphony Orchestra (Solo Timpani), the Youth National Chinese Wind Orchestra, and the Beijing Jian Li Percussion Ensemble.

Building on her musical excellence, Zhe Lin embarked on her higher education at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, Germany. Under the mentorship of Prof. Marta Klimasara, Prof. Klaus Dreher, Prof. Harald Löhle, and Jürgen Spitschka, she further honed her skills while contributing to the Talking Drums Ensemble.

Zhe Lin's international acclaim materialized in 2008, clinching the second prize at the 5th World Marimba Competition in Stuttgart, Germany. Demonstrating both technical brilliance and exceptional musical expression, she secured first prizes at the 2nd International Marimba Competition of China in 2010 and the 59th German Conservatories Competition in May 2011. In the 2011-2012 period, the young percussionist graced the stage with the Orchestra of the Stuttgart State Opera House.

Embarking on her Master's Degree journey at Anton Bruckner University in 2012, Zhe Lin studied under the tutelage of Prof. Leonhard Schmidinger and Prof. Bogdan Bacanu, completing her degree in 2015. During this time, she earned the Yamaha Prize in Austria. In the subsequent years, Zhe Lin has navigated between Europe, China, and the U.K., collaborating with maestros such as Tan Dun, Christian Jost, Cho-Liang Lin, Zakhar Bron, Martin Grubinger, Natalia Gerakis, and Ying Rong. Her quest is to delve into the true essence of art, continually presenting her artistic prowess to audiences worldwide.

Fluent in Chinese, German, and English, Zhe Lin also possesses a commendable command of the French language.