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Frank Vantroyen

Frank  Vantroyen is the principal tuba player of the orchestra of the 'Opera Ballet Vlaanderen'. He can also regularly be heard as a tuba player on national and international recordings with José Carreras, Tom Vanstiphout, Jef Neve, Lieven Tavernier, Derek and Bart Peeters, among others. He also provided the soundtracks of TV series such as 'Katarakt', 'In Vlaamse Velden' and 'Bumperkleef' with a solid bass line. He obtained a higher diploma for tuba at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp.

As a conductor, Frank is responsible for the brass band United Brass and the Ghent Room 13 Orchestra. He is also guest conductor with Brass Band B10 from Germany. He collaborated with his ensembles on the CDs 'The fanfare of hunger and thirst' (Lieven Tavernier & United Brass) and 'Oude regenbogen' (Lieven Tavernier & Room 13 Orchestra).

From 2014 to 2016 Frank was a guest professor at the Conservatory of Ghent and the Lemmens Institute (now Luca School of Arts) in Leuven.

Since 2020 Frank has been an 'Adams artist' and exclusively plays an Adams Custom Series F- and C 6/4 tuba.

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