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F Tuba

Power athlete. Design icon. Everyday hero. The Adams F-tuba combines the power of a larger built instrument with extreme flexibility and perfect intonation to make your everyday life easier. You will be surprised about the impressive low range of this fully handmade instrument.

Our F tuba is a re-design of the legendary Hirsbrunner tuba. From the very first beginning, some of the world's leading tuba players -Perry Hoogendijk (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) in particular- have been involved in the development of the instrument, to make sure it meets the highest expectations and set a new benchmark. 

Ideal for both, soloists and orchestra players, the instrument ensures supreme control and tonal clarity. The response is quick and secure, and the intonation extremely well. The F-Solo is characterised by its extreme eveness in all registers, which makes it a truly flexible instrument. The instrument has an excellent low range and a beautiful ringing tone in the high register.


To claim each instrument is handcrafted is a prodigious understatement. We are proud to be one of the few manufacturers in the world who master this craftsmanship. Driven only by perfection, each part is brought to life by the hands of our incredible instrument artisans.

The bell and body parts of our instruments are carfully made from sheet metal, assuring very thin and uniform wall thicknesses that can't be achieved with automated processes. Besides that, the hardnmess of the material by hammering and bending is superior above a drawn bell and body parts. It's our choice of quality over quanity.

All Adams tubas can be adjusted to personal request because of this manufacturing process. 

Comes standard with two leadpipes

The instrument comes standard with two interchangeable mouthpiece tubes. The SOLO leadpipe has a slightly lighter response, a more refined sound and offers more flexibility. The PH1 leadpipe has been developped for orchestral playing. It's more direct and delivers a wider sound with more power.

Specifications F tuba

Key: F
Bell: Yellow Brass
Bell diameter: 420 mm
Bore: 18 mm (1st, 2nd, 3rd valve), 19.5 mm (4th valve) and 19.5 mm (5th valve - rotary)
Finish: Silver plated
Gauge: 0.60
Extra: Comes with two leadpipes (Solo and PH1)

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