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C Contrabass Tuba 6/4

The Adams CC 6/4 large orchestral tuba combines a gigantic sound with an impressive core of clarity and projection. Built with the original tooling and molds of Hirsbrunner, Adams re-designed and improved the legendary Yorkbrunner. The instrument is known as one of the best replicas of the legendary York 6/4 CC tuba. After construction, the instruments are tested by Perry Hoogendijk, tuba player of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, before they get their finish. 

The Adams CC 6/4 tuba is the larger version of the CC 4/4 and is made for the largest, most powerful orchestral work. Thanks to intensive collaboration with a number of professional tuba players in the development process, Adams' builders have managed to build a large instrument that still plays flexibly. The instrument features great resonance, a very solid low register and an enormous sound.

The instrument is completely handcrafted from sheet material in our factory in The Netherlands. It ensures an extremely consistently constructed instrument with a unique character, built by artisans. This production method and the high-end quality that comes with it, can in no way be compared with the much cheaper hydroforming technique that is applied to instruments that many brands produce in low-wage countries.

A fully handmade instrument

To claim each instrument is handcrafted is a prodigious understatement. We are proud to be one of the few manufacturers in the world who master this craftsmanship. Driven only by perfection, each part is brought to life by the hands of our incredible instrument artisans.

The bell and body parts of our instruments are carfully made from sheet metal, assuring extreme hardness of the material, besides very thin and uniform wall thicknesses. Qualities that can't be achieved with the hydroforming technique used to produce cheaper instruments found in the market. Do you also opt for quality?

Unparalleled valve manufacturing

Made in the tradition of the legendary Bauerfeind valves, Adams valves are made from stainless steel for fast action and long-lasting durability. All valves begin with hand soldered brass valve ports and are finished on CNC grinding machines to tolerances of .005 mm, the tightest manufactured valve blocks in the industry. Experience the impact of these specifications on your playing comfort. 

Specifications CC 6/4

Key: C
Size: 6/4
Bell: Yellow Brass
Bell diameter: 500 mm
Bore: 19 mm (1st, 2nd, 3rd valve), 20 mm (4th valve) and 22 mm (5th valve - rotary)
Finish: Silver plated
Gauge: 0.60
Case: Included

You are not average

Some people like a warmer sound. Some not. Some people have huge lung capacity. Some have not. Some people like engravings. Some do not. Some people need more playing resistance. Some don't. These are extremely personal factors that can affect an instruments design.

The Adams instrument builders like to go beyond expectations. With an in-house development and production, this means that we can fully customize your instrument. Compiled according to your personal preferences.

Do you want to know more about the Adams Custom instruments? Contact us and discover the possibilities.


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