Forestone Hinoki Unfiled MH Medium hard

Forestone Hinoki Unfiled MH Medium hard


Reeds Alto Saxophone Forestone Hinoki Unfiled, Plastic, MH Medium hard, 1 piece

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Forestone Hinoki Unfiled

Forestone Reeds are made of a mixture of polypropylene and wood fibre. The material is tasteless and odourless. The exceptional sound, resilience and flexibility of these reeds is mainly due to this material. Forestone reeds maintain their resistance over time. The difference in feel between Forestone and cane is minimal. The Hinoki unfiled has a free sound and a lot of character.

Product specification

Strength: MH
Number: 1
Suitable for: Alto Saxophone
Single cut or American unfiled cut
Lively response for a free sound
A lot of character and dynamic range