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For almost 150 years ACME stands for innovation and excellence and the company is still dedicated to producing the world’s best whistles for all kind of purposes. In all the fifteen decades so far, ACME has invented and patented a new and unique whistle. It all started when Joseph Hudson, at the age of 12, started to work as a toolmaker in engineering workshops in Birmingham, where he learned the essential skills that later on made him an excellent craftsman in metal. In 1870 Joseph Hudson started J Hudson & Co together with his brother James Hudson. Later on the company became a whistle manufacturer and continues under the name of ACME Whistles. Joseph Hudson was one of the first that recognized the potential of the whistle for communication purposes in leisure, work and day to day life. This vision, in combination with his skillset and knowhow, enabled ACME to create the most comprehensive range of whistles, calls and sound effects in the world. The magnificent designs created by him are still the basis of modern whistles. Adams provides a wide range of whistles for all kind of purposes.

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