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Valerie Tillie

Who is Valerie Tillie? Valerie Tillie is a Cesar exercise therapist within the Tilburg Advice and Movement Center (ABC-Tilburg).

ABC-Tilburg is a small-scale center for paramedical and alternative healthcare. In addition to exercise therapy, our center offers voice therapy, Body Stress Release, psychomotor child therapy, BARRS and psycho-social counseling.

As exercise therapist she is specialized since 2002 in the treatment of musicians and complex RSI complaints. Her passion is reflected in her work. She loves to get the best out of someone, taking full advantage of all possibilities and creating opportunities that have remained untouched. The treatment looks at the combination of posture & movement, motor skills and behaviour.

These factors continuously influence each other. Her view is to the whole body and the psyche. She also teaches Body and Mind classes at AMPA/Conservatorium Tilburg and the Young Musicians Academy. The factors above are also discussed in the lessons and workshops.