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Adams CN2 Cornet

The Adams CN2 short-action cornet with shepherds crook is very identical to the CN1, but is set up in a more traditional style with a wider build and a slightly heavier 0.55 gauge. The instrument has a large bore (12 mm), and a medium heavy valve cluster and buttons, offering a superb sound quality. The inhouse, one-piece handhammered yellow brass bell produces a beautiful warm sound with great projection, and the silver plated finish adds a touch of brilliance to the sound. It makes the instrument a fantastic choice for any ensemble. 


  • Bell: Gold Brass – 126 mm
  • Bore: L 12 mm
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Gauge: 0.55

Build your own?

The CN2 can also be custom ordered with the traditional 1st and 3rd tuning slide set up. If you would like to configure your own CN2 cornet to your personal preferences, Adams will fully custom built your instrument. Please see this page for custom options.

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