Yamaha YFL 777H

Yamaha YFL 777H


Flute Yamaha YFL 777H, all Silver, Split-E, open Key, B-foot Joint, AM Headjoint, Straubinger Phoenix Pads

Item number: 1DF0YM777H

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Product variants

Flute Pearl CD958RBE, Cantabile, Brittania Silver Headjoint and Body, Silver mechanism, open Keys, Split-E, B-foot Joint

Pearl CD958RBE
Item number: 1DF0PR8849RBE


Flute Altus 1207 RBE, all Silver, open Keys, Split-E, B-foot Joint

Altus 1207 RBE
Item number: 1DF0AU120HZOE

Flute Haynes Q3 RBE-14, all Silver, Drawn Tone Holes, open Keys, Split-E, B-foot Joint, 14K Riser

Haynes Q3 RBE-14,
Item number: 1DF0HNQ3B4


Flute Powell Signature DT RBE, all Silver, open Keys, Split-E, 10K gold springs, B-foot Joint

Powell Signature DT RBE
Item number: 1DF0POSIGZOEB


Flute Miyazawa BR-702REH, 980 Silver Headjoint and Body, open Keys, Drawn Tone Holes, E-mech.B-voet

Miyazawa BR-702REH
Item number: 1DF0MYP702REH


Flute Muramatsu DS RBEO, handmade, all Silver, open Keys, Drawn Tone Holes, Split-E, B-foot Joint

Muramatsu DS RBEO
Item number: 1DF0MMDS0OEB

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