Brannen Brögger sterling RBE

Brannen Brögger sterling RBE


Flute Brannen Cooper Brögger, all Silver, open Keys, soldered Tone Holes, Split-E, B-foot Joint

Item number: 1DF0BCBR00EB

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Product variants

Flute Haynes Handmade, all Silver, soldered Tone Holes, Split-E, off-set-G, B-foot Joint

Haynes Handmade sterling ST RBE
Item number: 1DF0HNHM00OEB

Flute Nagahara, 950 Silver Headjoint and Body, Silver mechanism, soldered Tone Holes, Split-E, C# trill, B-foot Joint

Nagahara 950 ST RBE
Item number: 1DF0NHSSREBC

Flute Powell Custom ST RBE, all Silver, open Keys, Split-E, soldered Tone Holes, B-foot Joint, Stand Headjoint

Powell Custom silver ST RBE
Item number: 1DF0POCUZOEBS