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Maarten Vonk

Maarten Vonk is a well known Bassoon expert.


After almost 40 years of bassoon repairing, the time has come to let others take advantage of my knowledge. 15 years I was professionally bassoonist and Contra bassoonist. I had a lot of students so that means a lot of repair work.

With all the knowledge combined, I give you a lot of basic knowledge in this workshop, which will make your bassoon work better and more pleasant to play and sound more beautiful.

How can you make the bassoon work better for you instead of having to work against you?  There are many reasons why the bassoon does not always work, we will investigate and tackle it. for example with Tube air tightness tests and oiling.

We are also updating the Es to get a better sound. And last but not least we are going to have a look at the ergonomics. The position of the Es and the hands.





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