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Kathrin Christians

Numerous important prizes line Kathrin Christian's way to the release of her first CD.

Recorded with the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn under the direction of Ruben Gazarian, it will be released by Hänssler Classic in 2017 and will be awarded the OPUS Klassik in 2018. The programme with works by Feld, Theodorakis and Weinberg is daring and yet unanimously meets with the cheers of the critics. But almost at the same time as the release it suddenly meets the fierce headwind of fate. Stroke diagnosis. Step by step she finds her way back into life and is back on stage after four months. Their drive is the irresistible pull of the music, the existential necessity to make their breathing sound with the help of the instrument. From the first considerations to the personal profile of a musician, it doesn't only take time, but various marketing tools that can help an artist to put himself and his brand in the limelight