Gran Canaria International Flute Festival

Sunday 26 February 2017


Warm Up A+B

Gareth McLearnon

Warm Up C

Abigail Burrows

Lecture "Your Sound, Your Personality"

Peter Swinkels

Lecture on the relationship between the personality of the flautist and his / her sound and the material from which his / her flute is made.

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Play Along

Abigail Burrows

Rehearsal Flute Choir A

Gareth McLearnon

Master Class voor studenten met Nicole Esposito

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Masterclass A

Nicole Esposito

Master Classes for flute students with Nicole Esposito

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Rehearsal Flute Choir B

Paqui Santana Pérez

Rehearsal Flute Choir C

Nayra Adrián Rodríguez

Master Class A

Anna Garzuly

Master Classes for flute students with Anna Garzuly

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