Symposion Für Flöte Innsbruck

Peter Swinkels

Peter Swinkels was born in the south of The Netherlands and has played flute since the age of eight. After his college studies, graduating with an imbursement for chemistry, he instead opted to study at the Conservatory in Maastricht where he graduated with degrees in Music Education, Choir Conducting and Flute Performance.

Throughout his Conservatory years, Swinkels actively taught flute and conducted choirs. He developed the belief that a musician performs best when he/she is able to speak with their own best, personal 'voice'. As a flute teacher, therefore, he focused on developing the unique personal sound that fits each of his students. As a result of this approach he became interested, not only in fostering the personalized sound through playing, but also in the factors of flute construction that would affect this sound, i.e. the material of the flute and headjoint.

In the quest for answers, Swinkels established a relationship with Adams Music Centre. Adams ultimately asked him to start a Flute Centre division: a place where flutists, professionals and amateurs alike can come not only to buy flutes or headjoints but also to get expert advice. In the short span of seven years, Swinkels has developed the Adams Flute Centre into the leading European flute centre where customers from all over Europe come to buy their flutes, piccolos or headjoints.

During the Innsbruck Flute Symposion, Peter Swinkels will give a one-hour lecture about the relationship between sound and personality of the flute player, entitled "Your Sound, your personality"

This conference is sponsored by Adams European Flute Centre

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