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Pre owned head pieces

On this page you will find our constantly changing stock of used head joints.

The offer varies from the simplest silver heads, with or without a gold riser or lip plate, to completely gold head joints of 10K, 14K, 16K, 18K and sometimes even 22K gold of all well-known brands, such as Mancke, Brannen, Sheridan, Lafin, Haynes, Nagahara and so on.

It often happens that we sell a flute without a head joint. The buyer already has a good head joint and buys only a better body. The head joint then stays here. These “Orphans” are therefore brand new, and are regularly offered at a large discount, usually via our Facebook page. But of course you can always email us for the list of these orphaned head joints and help us find a new home for them! Because they are not used heads, they are therefore not on this page!


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