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Shell sets

A shell set is a drum kit without cymbals, hardware, drum pedal and drum throne. It is called one because it consists solely of the drum "shells". A typical 5-piece shell set includes a bass drum kick, a snare, a floor tom, and two rack toms. But shell sets are also supplied without the snare drum.

Shell sets are a convenient way to buy a new drum set without buying the hardware, cymbals or stands twice. This is often the case for advanced or professional drummers who already have existing stands and hardware. When you buy a shell set, you only get shell hardware such as the tom arms and the floor tom legs.

At Adams a shell set is always indicated with bass drum size, tom size, floor tom size, snare drum size. So a 22”, 10”, 12”, 16”, 14” has a 22” bass drum 10” and 12” rack toms, a 16” floor tom and a 14” snare drum.


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