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Terry Hsieh

Terry Hsieh is a three-time Golden Melody Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer from Durham, North Carolina who currently lives and works in Greater China.d the Adams F5 Flugelhorn.

Terry Hsieh Adams gear

Terry leads the GMA-winning band The Spice Cabinet, a multi-genre funk / jazz / electronic ensemble. The Adventures of Pie Boy his 2020 album, in collaboration with producer Derrick Sepnio, received three Golden Melody Awards, and shares an additional official nomination for Best Instrumental Producer.

He has recorded, produced, performed and arranged for dozens of artists across Greater China, including David Tao, Li Ronghao,Matzka, Leah Dou, Maobuyi,Karen Mok,A-Lin and more. He is a graduate of Oberlin College and Conservatory, where he studied Jazz performance with Robin Eubanks. Hsieh plays Denis Wick mouthpieces and the Adams F5 Flugelhorn.