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Lance Powlis

Born in Chicago Illinois, Lance has been studying and growing in music since a young age. Performing as well as producing.

Lances style reflects his world: Jazz injected with Funk, House, Drum and Bass as well as Rhythm and Blues. Lance is also in the process of patenting his first musical invention, featured in his songs.  His roots consisted of playing in church and listening to Atlanta's Jazz 91.9 FM WCLK, eventually leading him to college. Lance was part of the notorious FAMU Marching 100. In 2005, Lance founded and lead a live jam session in Florida titled Moonlit Mondays for years before returning to Atlanta. He's worked with numerous artists such as Chantae Cann, Young Jeezy, Cody Chesnutt, B.O.B and many others. He is currently on a world tour with Janelle Monae. Lance's upcoming LP will be an introduction to his approach to life and music, with his signature sound, featuring his new contraption.

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