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Bogdan Bacanu Signature Marimba

Based on the Adams Alpha Series Marimba, the styling of the instrument combines floral Baroque lines with modern and pure details. The styling was tailored on the personal taste of marimba legend Bogdan Bacanu.

The instrument is only available with a 5-octave keyboard. The keys are made of hand-selected Honduras rosewood and feature Adams Alpha tuning, the most advanced tuning method for marimbas in the world. 


Model: MAHB50
Keyboard: Honduras Rosewood
Bar width: 72 - 40 mm
Range: 5 octaves (C2 – C7)
Tuning: A = 442 Hz 
Length: 255 cm
Low end: 104 cm
High end: 40 cm
Heigth: Adjustable 88-108 cm
Frame: Adams Voyager

I now have an instrument whose sound is matched perfectly to my requirements and style

— Bogdan Bacanu

I am originally a pianist and so am used to a Steinway on stage. When the Alpha marimba was introduced, it was the very first design marimba on the market. An instrument with superlative tuning and sound quality. So I now have an instrument whose sound is matched perfectly to my requirements and style. It means that I never have any tuning problems when I play in an orchestra or ensemble. And anyone who knows my playing style will know that I can play with a great deal of power. However, I still had a number of wishes regarding the design. But this dream was realized when I went into the process in more detail with Adams and KesselsGranger.

Right from the very start I stated that the marimba had to be elegant, but also provoking. The combination of colours, shapes and materials and finishes has resulted in a stunning instrument. I also wanted the woodwork of the frame to be finished with glossy varnish and this has been done too. The colours selected are not standard for the marimba - this gives the instrument a fresh, modern look and the shape is extremely elegant. This marimba shows to advantage in a classical concert hall, but also in a modern industrial setting.

Create an immersive musical experience

Your musical ideas are delivered to your audience with purity and precision, thanks to the industry-leading Adams Alpha tuning method.

The high part of the keyboard delivers pinpoint accuracy and detailed insight into your music. The Adams Alpha has been tested as the marimba with the least frame sound in the world.

The precision harmonic placement reduces distortion and boosts midrange clarity. Phrasing and dynamics, no matter the tempo you play, are projected fully and clearly.

This innovative tuning technique also allows the Adams tuners to tune through an incredible sixth overtone in the bass part of the keyboard. This, combined with the construction of the Alpha woodwork and the frame, provides an unparalleled rigidity resulting in the most accurate and dynamic bass marimba sound you will find.

No-nonsense. Simply made for the best

Each Adams Alpha marimba features a class leading keyboard made out of premium Honduras rosewood, tuned with the inventive Alpha tuning technology at a fair and honest price. There is no need for unnecessary voicing options when every keyboard is held to the same standard.  

The Adams Alpha marimba is the choice of Martin Grubinger, Ji Hye Jung, Christoph Sietzen, Svet Stoyanov, Simone Rubino, Alexej Gerassimez, and many more.

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The most resonant wood on the planet

Honduras Rosewood, a very unique wood with unparalleled sound qualities grows in the heart of Central America. The beauty of its resonance can even be heard on a raw-cut piece of wood Honduras Rosewood, which is also known for its hardness and durability. These typical characteristics makes it the best and most valuable wood available for crafting mallet instruments.

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