Alpha Vibraphone

Alpha Vibraphone


Alpha Vibrafoon

Item number: 2VBAHAWT30

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Flowing Design, Tonal Perfection

At first sight, the visual energy of Alpha Series captures your attention—the design’s flowing lines and uninterrupted curves draw you towards the instrument. After playing the keyboard for a few moments, the advances made possible by the new Alpha tuning method are apparent--the vibraphone’s sound is voluminous throughout the range, and is easily controlled by Adams advanced dampening system.

9 Color Configurations

Alpha instruments feature a dramatic addition to Adams frame design. Adams collaborated with Kessels Granger Design Works to create the newly contoured rails, end pieces, and resonators, available in different color and stain combinations.

- Three solid oak rail finishes: Graphite, Walnut, and White Wash
- Three powder coated resonator finishes: Black, Desert, and Satin Gold

Add the number of your configuration to the article number, and then choose silver or golden bars

01. Graphite - Black

02. Graphite - Desert

03. Graphite - Satin Gold

04. Walnut - Black

05. Walnut - Desert

06. Walnut - Satin Gold

07. Whitewash - Black

08. Whitewash - Desert

09. Whitewash - Satin Gold


Add an S to the article number and number of your configuration


Add a G to the article number and number of your configuration

New Alpha tuning system creates the most in-tune, open, and resonant keyboard available.

3.0 Octave Precision Tuned Aluminum Alloy, Silver or Gold Anodized Bars

Solid Oak Rails and End Caps

Rubber belt driven fans and absolute Silent Motor

Top Mount Controls with LED Readout

Silent Dampening System

Adjustable Rail and Damper

Adjustable Tension Spring Mechanism allowas pedal response adjustment independent from tone bar pressure

Traveller Frame

Swivelling Dampener Pedal

Double Locking, Non-Marring Casters for Smooth Rolling

Optional Wide Dampener Pedal

Optional Voyager Frame (Article Number: 2VBAHAWV + configuration no. + S or G)

Alpha Vibraphone Specification Grid

Click here for the Adams Alpha Vibraphone Specification Grid.