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Adams Alpha Series Vibraphone

Flowing Design. Tonal Perfection. 

Nothing looks, or sounds, quite like the Alpha. A revolution when it launched and still an icon today. In cooperation with KesselsGranger DesignWorks a new instrument has been developed that shines on every stage. The high sweeping arc of the resonators, rich wood stain finish, and polished aluminum name plate all merge seamlessly to form a visual and aural statement in modern design. 

Most important is the instrument's sound. Alpha series keyboards feature tuning advancements that further enhance the sound of the instruments, notably making the upper registers sound more open and resonant.  Using a proprietary computer assisted method, Adams is producing bars meticulously precision tuned. A process gives our keyboards the most stable pitch and evenness of sound available, and allows Adams complete control over all aspects of the sound. The Alpha tuning method is unparalleled and stands for crystal clear projection in any occasion. Whether it’s a large concert hall or a small studio, it’s always spot-on. In the development of the 'Alpha tuning method' Adams focussed on articulation and projection. Don't you want your musical ideas to be heard?

Adams Alpha series vibraphones, with their beautifully stained wood rails and end pieces, are manufactured with the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality materials to meet and exceed the demands of today's top vibraphone virtuosos. Adams' propriety alloy and advanced Alpha tuning system create a full balanced tone throughout the range of the instrument. The new, highly stylized resonators flow in a natural arc to immerse your audience in every nuance of a performance. The Alpha vibraphone features a newly designed motor that provides optimal accessibility and near-silent operation.

Silver or gold

Adams exclusive Aluminum alloy is now available in matte finished gold and silver anodized bars. With the new Alpha tuning, the Vibraphone’s beautiful, balanced tone projects fully, clearly, and evenly throughout the range of the instrument.

Control with style

The Alpha series control panel is elegantly integrated into the small end piece with easy to use controls, adjustment between 40-140 RPM with digital display panel. The 12 volt motor, runs safely on 110 or 220 volt power with the special converting power adaptor, totally eliminating the possibility of any electrical hazard. The clean and dependable mounted controls allow the player to choose whether the fans stop in either the open or closed position. Controling your vibe has never been this easy before. 

Frame and swiveling dampener pedal

The Traveller Frame that comes with the Alpha Vibraphone is recognized worldwide as the most sturdy vibraphone frame in the market. The dampening mechanism is smooth, fully adjustable, and the low swiveling dampener pedal allows for total creative freedom and flexibility. Prefer a wide dampener pedal? This can be optional ordered at any time. 

Adjustable tension spring

The adjustable tension spring mechanism allows pedal response adjustment independent from tone bar pressure.

Nine colour combinations

The Adams Alpha instruments are available in a variety of color and stain combination. On special request we offer a special service that can match any color from a sample or color reference.

The Alpha woodwork is made out French oak is available in the following stain colors: 
Graphite - Walnut - White Wash

This can be combined with three colors of resonators:
Black - Desert - Satin Gold


  • Keyboard: Aluminum bars in silver or gold
  • Bar width: 57 - 38 mm
  • Range: 3.0 octaves (F3 – F6)
  • Tuning: A = 442 Hz
  • Length: 150 cm
  • Low end: 74 cm
  • High End: 60 cm
  • Height: 83 - 103 cm
  • Frame: Adams Traveller

Specificaties 3.5 oct.

  • Keyboard: Aluminum bars in silver or gold
  • Bar width: 57 - 38 mm
  • Range: 3.5 octaves (C3 – F6)
  • Tuning: A = 442 Hz
  • Length: 165 cm
  • Low end: 86 cm
  • High End: 40 cm
  • Heigth: 85 - 103 cm
  • Frame: Adams Traveller

Specificaties 4.0 oct.

  • Keyboard: Aluminum bars in silver or gold
  • Bar width: 57 - 38 mm
  • Range: 3.0 octaves (C3 – C7)
  • Tuning: A = 442 Hz
  • Length: 170 cm
  • Low end: 86 cm
  • High End: 40 cm
  • Heigth: 85 - 103 cm
  • Frame: Adams Traveller

* Farbkombinationen Alpha

11. Graphite - Midnight Black
12. Graphite - Desert
13. Graphite - Satin Gold
14. Graphite - Titanium Silver

21. Walnut - Midnight Black
22. Walnut - Desert
23. Walnut - Satin Gold
24. Walnut - Titanium Silver

31. Whitewash - Midnight Black
32. Whitewash - Desert
33. Whitewash - Satin Gold
34. Whitewash - Titanium Silver

41. Espresso - Midnight Black
42. Espresso - Desert
43. Espresso - Satin Gold
44. Espresso - Titanium Silver

Appearance does matter

Als Künstler versucht man, die menschlichen Sinne voll zu aktivieren. Um ein Instrument mit einem unverwechselbaren professionellen Design zu schaffen, hat sich Adams mit den talentierten Designern von KesselsGranger DesignWorks zusammengetan. Die raffinierten Linien und markanten Designmerkmale der Alpha-Serie werden nun mit verschiedenen Farboptionen kombiniert, um Ihr Alpha vollständig zu personalisieren

Jedes Alpha ist in vier Resonatorfarben und vier Schienenfarben Ihrer Wahl erhältlich - für ein Instrument, das so einzigartig ist wie Sie. Die Schienen und Kopfstücke aus französischer Eiche sind in den folgenden Beizfarben erhältlich: Graphite - Walnut - White Wash - Espresso
Die leichten Aluminium-Resonatoren sind in den folgenden kratzfesten Pulverbeschichtungsfarben erhältlich: Midnight Black - Desert - Satin Gold - Titanium Silver

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