André Adams, trumpet player with brass band St. Michaël from Thorn, and military musician with the brass band of the Engineering Corps, started his career as a repairman of wind instruments, for which he was educated in Brussels (Belgium) and Nauheim (Germany). When he had successfully completed these studies, he started as a self-employed instrument repairman, operating from his parents' shed. And while busy repairing, the question whether or not to start selling instruments kept cropping up. Adams' customers - musical societies and musicians - felt that where musical instruments were repaired, they should also be sold. The concept of a music shop was born and in 1970, Thorn was able to welcome Muziekcentrale Adams.

Perfect combination
And it proved to be a successful formula. Many professional players found their way to Thorn to receive sound advice and a perfect repair service. With his metallurgical background, André Adams one day decided to manufacture a kettledrum. After all, a kettledrum combines music with technology - a perfect combination for a pioneer such as André Adams. The first kettledrums were manufactured, which soon found their way to the brass bands among the regular clientele of Muziekcentrale Adams.

Adams in Belgium
In 1975, a second subsidiary was founded in Hasselt, Belgium, to serve the company's many Belgian customers. In 1989, this subsidiary moved to a larger premises in Diest and became a public limited company. In 2010, a second shop was opened, called Drumworld. This business is located diagonally across the first one and is a specialist shop for drummers and percussionists. In the ‘old’ shop, you will find all wind instruments and classical concert percussion instruments.

Today, Adams Muziekcentrale in Lummen has grown into a reputable company with a regular clientele that includes many Belgian professional orchestras and musicians, brass bands, music schools and conservatories, traders and private musicians.

The success of this business is without a doubt based on the company's vision and motto, which is to be the ultimate specialist in percussion and wind instruments. Its most important assets are: professional advice, extensive stock levels, and a dedicated repair department.

Collaboration with professionals
The shed at the back of the house soon proved too small. Adams purchased a plot at the Casino in Thorn, where he built a house, a shop and a factory - with a total floor area of 800 m2. The production of kettledrums proved to be a good move. Many professional kettledrummers became interested and gladly shared their visions on the manufactured products. Collaboration with professionals has always played an important part in the development and continuous improvement of instruments. From the very first, it led to high-quality instruments that were sold around the world, for example by way of international music exhibitions.

Latest addition
Within a few decades, the Adams concern has grown into a leading, international organisation with a regular clientele that includes many professional orchestras and musicians, traders, and private musicians and musical associations. In addition to kettledrums, the Adams factory also manufactures marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, concert bass drums, tubular chimes, and glockenspiels. These and other products are marketed around the world by numerous international traders. Also in Limburg, the Netherlands, Adams has a specialised shop for percussion and wind instruments: Adams Muziekcentrale.

Company philosophy
Music is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. People need to wind down and relax after the hustle and bustle of their daily stresses and strife. And many people find that the best way to do so is by making music together. The market for musical instruments is becoming increasingly specialised. People want sound and reliable advice and wish to try out an instrument at their leisure. Which fits in well with the philosophy of Muziekcentrale Adams. That is why we have ample stock levels, allowing instruments to be tested and compared. We have test rooms, where musicians can try out any instrument. And in addition to the large stock levels, Muziekcentrale Adams has a wide range of top brands. Besson euphoniums and basses, Edwards trombones and trumpets, Alexander horns, and Powell flutes are a few examples of the brands sold - often exclusively - by Adams Muziekcentrale.

Repair workshop
Naturally, it is important for people to select and try out the instrument of their choice. And it is just as important to make sure they are given sound advice, a good repair service, and proper maintenance. Almost every test requires minor adjustments to instruments, to make sure each customer is one hundred percent satisfied with his new, or new second-hand, instrument. Muziekcentrale Adams has at its disposal one of Europe’s largest and best equipped repair workshops for wood-wind and brass instruments. Our repairmen regularly receive additional training by instrument builders from all over the world. Whether it's just about the servicing of valves or a complete overhaul of saxophones or clarinets - whereby the whole instrument is taken apart and delivered again as new - it can all be done at the repair workshop of Muziekcentrale Adams. Thanks to this approach, we are not only visited by people from the south of the Netherlands; associations and musicians from far and wide - sometimes living hundreds of kilometres away - find their way to Adams Muziekcentrale.

Continuous development
Research and Development will play an important role in the future of the Adams company. Musical instruments are continually being studied and innovated. Musicians are becoming ever more critical concerning the sound and operation of an instrument. These improvements and developments have taken place frequently over the past years. Adams leads the way where accessories to facilitate playing are concerned. Important examples are supports for the euphonium, horn, trombone and saxophones. Another important feat of arms is the modification of instruments. It concerns a secret method to counteract the stresses that develop within an instrument during production after bending and soldering. Thanks to the Adams modification, the instrument becomes more beautiful and its sound is improved. This modification can be applied to all wood-wind and brass instruments and is confirmed by many professional and amateur musicians.

Musical Valhalla
Next to Adams Muziekcentrale in Ittervoort, in the Dutch province of Limburg, Adams also has a subsidiary in Diest, Belgium. From the same philosophy, the Belgian market is served from here. The latest member of the Adams concern is Adams Drumworld. A European Valhalla for drummers, with a floor area of 2000 m2 and an unparalleled range of brands, types and accessories. Hundreds of drum sets are lined up here, ready to be played. Varying from beginners sets to the height of professionalism. In addition, you will find an unrivalled range of percussion instruments, cymbals, snaredrums and hardware. In short, a feast for the eyes and ears of every drummer.

European centre
With the new showroom for wind instruments, concert percussion, marching percussion, and the repair workshop, the entire Adams empire will be accommodated under the one roof. A European centre for percussion and wind instruments will arise here, with every facility imaginable for musicians. The Adams company will form the heart of Limburg, probably the most musical province in the Netherlands.