Meinl B19EDTC

Meinl B19EDTC


Crash Cymbal Meinl B19EDTC, Byzance series, extra Dry, Thin, 19"

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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash thin

The Byzance Extra dry Crash Cymbal thin is a unique lightweight crash with an extremely dry and low pitched sound. It has trashy overtones, a soft response with a fast decay creating an overall “dryness.” The cymbal is made out of B20 bronze, approximately 80% copper and 20% tin. This ratio creates versatility so the cymbal can be used in a lot of different music styles.

Product specification

Size: 19"
Styles: Jazz, Funk, RNB, Studio, Electro
Timbre: Dark
Character: Esoteric, Dry
Pitch: Low
Weight: Thin
Volume: Low
Sustain: Short
Finish: Raw
Material: B20 (approximately 80% copper, 20% tin)
Lathe: None