Effect Cymbal Meinl AC-SUPER, Classic Thomas Long Super Stack 18"/18"

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Meinl Classic Thomas Lang Super Stack

Thomas Lang has the following to say about the Meinl Thomas Lang Super stack: “When struck at the shoulder of the top china, my Super Stack produces an aggressive mid-range bark that projects with incredible ferocity. Its fierceness cuts through any wall of sound and allows you to slice through even the most crowded soundscape. When played softly at the edge, it produces a wide and washy sizzle, perfect for accents and punctuations at a more moderate volume. When played with the stick tip at the shoulder, its short and piercing sound is reminiscent of a trashy hi-hat. The Super Stack is super loud, super-fast, and super short. It allows the drummer to override and supersede even the most dense frequency chaos and make a clear and concise percussive statement in every musical situation. By adjusting the pressure of the wing nut, you can adjust the length of the sustain and dial up your perfect stack attack and decay. This is the most versatile stack combination you’ll find.”

Product specification

Styles: Electro, Jazz, RNB, Studio, World, Reggae, Pop, Fusion
Timbre: Bright
Character: Aggressive, Bright
Pitch: High
Volume: Medium
Sustain: Short
Weight: Thin
Finish: Brilliant
Material: B10 (approximately 90% copper, 10% tin), B20 (approximately 80% copper, 20% tin)
Lathe: None