Philharmonic Chimes BKL5203 Gen II, 1.5 octave, range C5-F6, Satin finish, height adjustable

Item number: 2BKIIPL15

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The Philharmonic Chime BKIIPL15, is the 1.5 octave model with brass satin finish tubes in the extraordinary Philharmonic Series. Chime sets in this series are like no other set of Tubular Bells currently available on the market today. This perfectly tuned set of chimes, mounted to a fully height adjustable rack, offers a tone and supreme quality second to none. Adams Philharmonic Series Chimes successfully reproduce the unbelievable sound of church bells at their finest. Each 39 mm diameter, exclusive brass alloy tube of this outstanding instrument produce a clear, pure pitch with seemingly endless sustain. The BKIIPL15 has a beautiful brass satin finish for the ultimate in resonance and sound quality.