German Classic

German Classic

German Classic

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The Adams German Classic Timpani are made for the new generation timpani players with a traditional Berlin sound in mind which perfectly fits the Classic and Romantic repertoire.

The German Classic Timpani combine characteristic features and a traditional sound, with great innovations, modern craftsmanship and a state-of-the-art design. Every detail of the German Classic Timpani has been scientifically and/or play-tested which led to interesting new findings and conclusions.

At Adams what we set out to do was to create a timpani with a traditional warm and bold Berlin sound, increased volume and a large concert-hall-filling projection. The pedal system is a new and subtle improvement on the well-known Ringer-style pedal. Finer and better geometrics of the teeth on the ratchet, a newly developed decoupling of the pedal, and technique for perfect counter-pressure makes this the finest  Ringer-style pedal system on the market today.

During the years of development on the German Classics we focussed not only on what would be the best bowl  or what would be the best frame individually. Instead we combined dozens of different combinations to find a supreme sound to any comparable timpani in the world. A great breakthrough in this was the scientific research and development on the struts of the German Classic Timpani. The struts are designed to amplify the bowl and the forks of the struts are adjusted to the bowl size to get better distribution of the tension on the bowl.

The pointer of the tuning gauge can be adjusted with fingertip-effort which is practical when playing calf heads in difficult conditions. Each timpani is equipped with head-centring-devices to keep the heads perfectly in place, and a new design of the finetuner ensures smooth and silent operation. The vulcany grey coloured frame gives the German Classic Timpani a striking and 21st century design that suits the new generation and perfectly contrasts with the traditional sound.

Unique on the German Classic sound, is the clean attack that is full of tone and body from the beginning till the end of the sound, instead of a percussive attack with full sound subsequently of comparable Berlin-style timpani.

The German Classic Timpani have been co-created and intensively tested by Raymond Curfs – principal timpani player of the “Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks” and the “Lucerne Festival Orchestra”. His mission was to create a legacy for the next generations of players: A masterpiece that is the outcome of the great experience he gained by playing in the best orchestras under the best conductors over the years.

The Adams German Classic timpani are available in the following (kettle) sizes:
20" - 23" - 24" - 26" - 29" - 32"

Raymond Curfs was born in the Netherlands and studied timpani and percussion in Maastricht, Cologne and Berlin. After engagements in the Noord Nederlands Orkest in Groningen, the Municipal Theatre in Bielefeld and the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Berlin, he became principal timpanist in the Bavarian State Orchestra in Munich in 1999.

In 2007, he got the same position in the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. From 2000 to 2006 he also played in the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

A close artistic friendship linked him with Claudio Abbado, on whose invitation he has served as a member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Raymond Curfs teaches at the Munich Music Academy. He also makes regular appearances as a chamber musician and soloist.






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