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Adams Philharmonic Classic Timpani

The Philharmonic Classic timpani are made with the mid twentieth century sound in mind, and equipped with a ratchet style pedal, shorter steel struts and upgraded with a folded split rocker arm. The wine red finish of the bottom and struts, in combination with some nickel plated parts, give the instrument a vintage look.

The cast steel struts of the Philharmonic Classic decrease the pressure on the frame and help prevent any flex or changes in the shape of the frame or bowl. This results in a quick response and tone projection along with a fundamental presence and fullness. The hammered copper bowls are supported by a specially designed high strength suspension ring. 

The Dresden-or Berlin style pedal mechanism features a traditional ratchet and clutch foot-operated design and a patent-pending folded split rocker arm eliminating the need for a transfer bar on the Dresden pedal, resulting in a very direct pedal response This traditional ratchet-style pedal mechanism provides players a familiar feel of natural head resistance.

A traditional, simple, and strong frame design reduces the strain of transport without sacrificing tone or stability. The authentic vintage character, sound, easy operation, and trouble-free maintenance make these timpani the first choice of professionals all over the world.


Kettle: 1.5mm hammered copper
Kettle sizes: 20"-23"-26"-29"-32"
Base: Aluminum
Struts: Solid steel
Suspension ring: Steel, beeded profile
Pedal: Dresden style or Berlin style
Ratchet: Ratchet and Pawl mechanism with 25% more points of adjustment than previously available
Tuning: T-handle Fine Tuner on player side and all-metal tuning gauges
Finish: Vintage styling witj classic nickel-plated hardware and durable powder coat finish
Heads: Super Kalfo or Remo Renaissance
Extra: Padded wooden head Cover, Drop Cover, Tuning key and felt mute
Optional: Disc cover and optional flight cases

German Set-up
Drums arranged from left to right: 20"-23"-26"-29"-32"

American Set-up
Drums arranged from left to right: 32"-29"-26"-23"-20"

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