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Konzert Percussion-Überholung und -reperaturen

Durch der Corona Krise werden alle Instrumente, die zur Reparatur oder Wartung gebracht werden, 4 Tage unter Quarantäne gestellt, bevor sie in Betrieb genommen werden. Haben Sie Fragen zur Reparatur / Wartung Ihres Instruments? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns über die Kontaktseite.

Good repair and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your percussion. We are percussion builders.

Our products are used worldwide at both amateur and professional level. We therefore also know how to maintain and, if necessary, repair it.

Our specialists are ready to keep your percussion in optimal condition by:

  • regularly adjusting or replacing your drum or timpani heads
  • replacing cords or felts from xylophones, marimbas or chimes
  • tuning the bars
  • replacing or adjusting snare wires

Good maintenance and repair is often a better alternative than buying new. And in any case cheaper!

Our experienced experts are happy to help you make that choice.

Repairs to concert percussion are carried out at Adams Music Centre. Here you will also find professional tips!


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