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Adams B flat Trumpets

A1 The A1 is a wonderful all-around trumpet, with an open, brilliant sound that colors easily in a variety of settings. Developed with Trent Austin.
A2 The A2 is a traditional, classical trumpet with an open, brilliant sound. A very well balanced instrument with a full even sound across the range.
A3 The A3 is a versatile trumpet with a slightly thicker wall thickness that is still light and easy to address due to the "reversed leadpipe".
A4 The A4 is a distinct trumpet with a warm and wide sound. A "jazzy" instrument with a pleasant resistance that does require a bit more air.
A4 LT The A4LT is the lightweight version of the A4 trumpet. An instrument with a warm sound that plays very lively and gives a confident feeling.
A5 The A5 is a light trumpet with a very bright sound and mega projection. A "sporty" instrument with a real pop and big band sound.
A6 The A6 is a trumpet based on the classic "Connstellation." The instrument has a nice resistance that feels nice on high notes.
A7 The A7 is a classical trumpet for the symphonic repertoire, developed with Guido Segers. Due to the large bore, a lot of air is needed.
A8 The A8 is a heavy design trumpet with large bore , clean design elements, and lead pipe based on the A4. A real eye-catcher.
A9 The A9 is a "jazzy" trumpet based on the classic design of the Martin trumpets that were very popular in the mid-twentieth century.
A10 The A10 is a classic trumpet with a rich sound and great sustain in the highest register. The instrument sounds slightly more compact than the A2.
Sonic The Sonic trumpet is a great choice for the trumpet player looking for a professional instrument at a very competitive price.
Prologue The Prologue is a trumpet that plays very easily. It is an excellent choice for serious amateur players and professional students.