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Vivi Vassileva

Born in 1994 in Germany into a family of Bulgarian musicians, Vivi Vassileva first studied the violin with her father, but upon hearing a group of folk artists on Karadere beach on the Black Sea coast she was immidiately inspired to take up percussion. It was these colourful and exotic Balkan rhythms which moulded her into the multi-faceated musician she has become and which continue to influence her classically trained style.

Vivi Vassileva's playing rips the audience off their chairs

— Westdeutsche Zeitung

Besides her brilliant technique and astonishing virtuosity, she brings an exceptional musicality and poetic expression to her performances. Poised at the beginning of her musical career, Vivi promises to be an artist that will take audiences with her as she explores and pushes the boundries of the percussion world. Passionate about composition as well as commissioning new works to add to the percussion repertoire, Vivi has already been praised for her innovative programming style. Collaboration is key to Vivi’s approach; working regularly with a wide variety of partners.