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Daniele Sabatani

Daniele Sabatani qualified with Distinction in Percussion Instruments at the “G. Nicolini” Academy of music in Piacenza. His percussion teacher was Daniele Sacchi and he also deepened his study with Paolo Parmiani on piano. He now plays as timpanist in the Bruno Maderna Orchestra of Forlì.

He collaborated as percussionist and timpanist in the Arena di Verona Orchestra, with the Teatro Comunale di Bologna Orchestra, with the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, with the Sassari Instrumental Ensemble, with the Wind Instruments Orchestra of Sassari and with the Orchestra Filarmonica di Roma. Over the years, he has collaborated with the Ravenna Festival Fondation and with the following arrangers and composers: Stefano Nanni, Guido Facchini, Gianmarco Gualandi, Ezio Monti, Marco Versari, Maurizio Pica, Carlo Crivelli, and with the following pianists: Mauro Landi, Stefano Orioli, Elena Valentini, Olaf Lanieri, Stefano Bollani and Walter Orsinger.  

As a drummer, he collaborated with the vibraphonist Saverio Tasca, Marco Pacassoni, Filippo Lattanzi, Arthur Miles, and with many jazz and blues groups, such as the Village Big Band during the 1998 Andrea Mingardi Summer tour, the MoonCin Jazz Orchestra directed by Stefano Nanni, and the “Bobby Solo Blues Band”. He took part in the registration of many discography works, including “Rospo” and “U.S.A e Getta” of the Quintorigo group, and “Ayrton” of Paolo Montevecchi, for Francesco Malapena, Michele Fenati and Roberto Bonaventura . He also recorded some film soundtraks for Carlo Crivelli. He collaborated with the composer Luciano Sanpaoli to stage the premiere of the “Angelica Battaglia” opera.  

He won the competition based on qualification and test organized by the Italian Ministry of Education to teach Percussion Instruments. In 1992/93 he taught at the academy of music in Monopoly and in 1994/96 he taught at the Claudio Monteverdi Academy of Music in Bolzano. Since 1996 he has taught percussion instruments at the Bruno Maderna Academy of music in Cesena, and since 1998 he has taught at the Vassura Baroncini School in Imola. Since 2004, he has been holding a course at the Marco Allegri summer course in Castrocaro Terme as Percussion teacher. In the last few years, he took part in the Balafon Chamber Ensemble that held concerts in many famous Italian Theatres.