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Olivier Haas

For years now, I have been looking for a euphonium which allows me to play comfortably in every circumstance: solo performances, chamber music, brass band, wind band, orchestra,… I have tried the best euphoniums and always missed something. The main brands do not give musicians the opportunity to ask what they really want. Euphoniums which are easy to blow sound often like baritones and are not suitable when you have to play fortissimo.

It is so hard to play naturally on those with large sound that you cannot use them comfortably for chamber music or solo performance. I also need a sound which mixes with every other instrument. Everybody told me: “You know, you have to make a choice: that kind of euphonium does not exist!”...
…but Adams has succeeded! Their passion for brass instruments, their patience, their reliability, the attention they pay to what musicians need, have led to a new line of instruments which will change your ideas over euphonium. When you play on an Adams euphonium, you feel immediately the difference. Easy to blow, superior tuning, powerful projection, large, rich sound from low to high register, comfortable to hold,…The way it vibrates is simply amazing. Each model provides something unique in order to satisfy every euphonium player.

Olivier Haas
Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides
Conservatoire Royal de Liège

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