Remo PM-1824-MP

Remo PM-1824-MP


Bassdrum Fell Remo PM-1824-MP, Powermax, Black Suede, 1-ply 24"

Artikelnummer: 5SVLRMPX1024S

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Remo Powermax Black Suede Crimplock Serie

The Remo Powermax Black Suede Crimplock Series features a single ply head of 10mil Black Suede, with an internal inlay ring. The head has the optimum tone control, attack and sound projection with a black matte finish. The Powermax Black Suede Bass drumheads feature a free-floating muffling ring with a Bottom Black Dot for maximum attack, tone control and durability. The high-tension Crimplock hoop provides a wider tuning range and increased stability. Ideal for all marching bassdrums.